The "Iberian pig" denomination defines a specific race of autochthonous pigs which have been bred in the Iberian peninsula since many years ago, and which due to their exceptional traits, allow for obtaining cured meat products of unsurpassed quality, in this way becoming one of Spain's most important contributions to global genetic heritage.

DON IBÉRICO is the proprietor of its own breeding farm of Iberian pig stock. This unique strain grows to its full potential in our private, cared for pastures, reaching the highest quality levels thanks to a permanent care and follow-up which our pigs are provided with from birth through all of their developmental stages. All of these factors have helped us to maintain our products' homogeneous and permanent quality over time.

DON IBÉRICO pigs grow in complete freedom on the company's extensive pastures, with over three hectares for each, obligating them to constant exercise while searching for food and water, something which helps their muscles to absorb fat, a particularly important factor contributing toward our products' excellent sensory characteristics.

In an initial phase, the DON IBÉRICO pig feeds on grass, cereals and seeds; in a second phase, known as the fattening or "montanera" phase, they feed on the caloric acorn, giving their meat its delicate scent and nuance-filled taste which satisfies the most exquisite and demanding palates.

Our pigs are pampered with all types of attention and care until they abandon our pastures at approximately 24 months of age and around 160-180 kg. in weight.
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