Acorn-Based Ibérico Loin

Each ibérico pig yields two pieces of authentic, natural loin which, once clean and cleared of fat, are marinated and made into sausages wrapped in natural tripe.

Its extraordinary flavour and subtle scents are due to the light drying in ovens fed with holm oak firewood and the slow maturing in natural driers.

Of vibrant colours ranging from purple to pink, it appears marble-like when cut due to the infiltration of fat proceeding from its fusion with the acorn. The ibérico pig loin is considered the most noble piece of cured pork products internationally thanks to its excellent meat, homogeneous texture, delicate flavour and pleasant scent.


· Ingredientes: Lomo de cerdo de bellota Ibérico, sal, ajo, orégano, pimentón, azúcar, antioxidante (E-301), corrector de la acidez (E-331iii), conservadores (E-252 y E-250). ENVOLTURA ARTIFICIAL: RETIRAR LA ENVOLTURA ANTES DE SU CONSUMO.


· Información nutricional (Valores Medios por 100g de Producto):
Valor Energético:1382 KJ/100g 331 Kcal/100g
Grasas18,5 g/100g
De las cuáles ácidos grasos saturados7,07 g/100g
Hidratos de Carbono<0,5 g/100g
De los cuáles azúcares<0,5%
Proteínas41,0 g/100g
Sal3,14 g/100g