Acorn-Based Ibérico Ham

A gastronomical gem, prized by the most refined gourmets in the world.

This piece proceeds from the upper extremities of ibérico pigs selected from a young age and fed on the basis of acorns during a lengthy "montanera".

Externally, it is identifiable by its elongated and stylized shape, black hoof, narrow shinbone and golden hue of its grease. When cut, it presents numerous fat veins of small, white points which denote its low salt content and slow curing process. Its flavour is soft and sweet, with a fat rich in nuances which burst on the palate, causing an explosion of flavours. Its aromas are particularly balanced and intense.


· Ingredientes: Jamón de cerdo de bellota Ibérico, Sal, azúcar, conservador (E-252), antioxidante (E-301) y corrector de la acidez (E-331ii)


· Información nutricional (Valores Medios por 100g de Producto):
Valor Energético1476 KJ/100g - 353 Kcal/100g
Grasas20,1 g/100g.
De las cuáles ácidos grasos saturados6,56 g/100g
Hidratos de Carbono0,9 g/100g
De los cuáles azúcares0,5%
Proteínas42,2 g/100g
Sal4,17 g/100g