The natural habitat

The natural habitat in which our livestock is bred is the Mediterranean pasture of spacious, green fields surrounded by centenary holm and cork oaks from which the famous, caloric acorns which fatten our ibérico pigs during the "montanera" are obtained, and which are the main staple of their diet. This is the determining factor of our products' final quality.

During their stay in these pastures, our pigs are completely free under the sun and breathe fresh air, having great expanses through which to move without fences or barriers of any kind.

A natural diet based on grass and acorn from our own pastures makes for their body tissue to have a high proportion of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, as well as an especially elevated concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids, amongst which oleic acid - so beneficial to our health - stands out.

Altogether, this makes for DON IBÉRICO products to not only have singular sensory characteristics, but also qualities beneficial to the health of those who consume them.
The Montanera

This is the term used to define the fattening phase of the ibérico pigs in pastures where, in complete liberty, they are obligated to a continuous exercise when searching for food and water, delaying their fattening and thus achieving that the grease impregnates even deeper into their muscle mass, resulting in incomparable juiciness, scent and taste.

During this period, the ibérico pig's basic diet is the acorn which falls from the holm and cork oaks, complemented by the grass of the pastures, stubble, wild legumes and fruits of the graminaea. The entire farming process with these animals is planned so that one of our most important objectives is attained: that the pig reaches the "montanera" phase in adequate conditions to take maximum advantage of the acorns and grass of the pastures.

The duration of the "montanera" is highly dependent on the weather conditions each year, though normally the period comprises October through March.
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